Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.



When I have to fill out paperwork and I have to put down my title at work, I write LMOTP. If someone calls and asks for my job title, I tell them the same thing.

And the thing is, there’s hardly been anyone who asked what that stands for. If I have to tell someone face to face, I answer and watch very closely. They never so much as blink.

Maybe it’s because they have to talk to people all the time and get really tired of us. Maybe they stop listening and just write. Maybe they’re so professional, they already know what it stands for. *snort*

Maybe they just don’t care.

Rarely has anyone asked me what it stands for except my coworkers. My kids. My dad (and boss.)


I’ve had coworkers argue with me, tell me they deserve the title now that they’re in residence. But I grit my teeth and hang on to it just as tight as I can, because it’s mine. I made it up and I deserve it. No one can take it from me. Ever.

So what is my title? Low Man On the Totum Pole. 🙂