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Wowed Wednesday–Beth Moore

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You might have heard that Okie Land has had three (can you believe it?) earthquakes since early Saturday morning. And, to be very truthful, these quakes have made it just a little hard to sleep in the House on the Big Pond.

Not that I think it’s End Of Days, but because I like the earth to be rock steady. I like it to sit still instead of quivering and jumping around. You never know when, during an earthquake, a Gap will open up right where you stand.

So I’m reading a little of Beth’s, “So Long, Insecurity” between EQs, and I come to a prayer she’s written. (What a beautiful, humble pray-er that woman is.)

You are my security, O God. You are the one sure thing. When everything around me shakes, You are unshakable.

WOW! I read it again. When everything around me shakes, You are unshakable.

Can you believe it? Here I am, all tissified over little earth tremors, and it’s like God spoke to me. “Calm Down, Susan. Take a breath. Everything is the way I want it to be.”

I didn’t write that prayer, Beth Moore did. I didn’t hunt it up because of the earthquakes. It was God’s timing, and isn’t it always perfect?

God is in control. He doesn’t change. Even when the earth is convulsing, my house is shaking and Okie Land feels like it’s about to fall off the United States along with Baja-Oklahoma into the Gulf of Mexico, He loves me. He’s my Anchor. He’s my Protector. 

He’s my Rock.