Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.

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What I Found

I know how beautiful manmade things can be.

Whether by someone famous, such as Michelangelo

or by someone not quite as famous as this quilt made by Deb Dixon.

But no matter how beautiful it is, nothing ever can quite compare with the beauty of nature.

Aren’t the colors magnificent? And the way the light shines through is fantastic. All I did was point and shoot. God did the rest, even the contrasting background colors.


This is Bittersweet. Aren’t the delicate colors beautiful?

I don’t know what this leaf is, but I love the way the colors meld.

This bluebird house is made by man, but the setting is what takes it from nice to much, much better.

See what I mean?

No matter how man might try, he can never achieve the glory of the Almighty. At least it’s fun to try. 🙂