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*Siesta Scripture Memorization Team.

#4 and I are still memorizing scripture along with Beth. This is our 19th verse this year. Nineteen!

Job 19:27–I will see God; I myself will see Him with my own eyes–I, and not another. How my heart yearns within me!

I love Job, don’t you? It’s not the easiest book in scripture to get through in one setting, but wow! This is a man!

Remember what happened? God was bragging on Job to the devil. “See Job? He’s great, isn’t he? I’m so proud of that guy!”

And the devil answered, “Well, yeah, but only because you’re good to him. Stop all the blessings you’re showering on him and watch him turn on you.”

So God gave the devil permission to test Job. Satan took away most of what Job owned and his children, who Job loved a lot. But still Job loved God.

Then Satan gave Job boils all over his body, so he was miserable and poor and childless.

Because of all the bad things that happens to him, friend after friend tells Job he must have done something wrong, God is mad at him, but he just keeps on loving God.

His own wife tells him he’s a loser and he might as well curse God and die, but he stays the course. “Though He slay me, I will hope in Him.”

God is more real to Job than all the troubles landing on his head. He doesn’t like what he’s going through. He hates it that God has hidden His face from him.

Remember Numbers 6:25-26–The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace? That was a blessing God gave Aaron (Moses’s brother) and his sons for the Israelites.

When Job thought God had hidden his face, he felt he was no longer being blessed by God. But even then, he didn’t stop serving Him.

Why? Job knew something many of us don’t know. He knew the absolute joy of walking with the Lord.

He didn’t have the it’s-Sunday-so-I’m-going-to-church-to-see-you-God kind of faith. He didn’t wait until something horrible happened to go to the Father in prayer.

Job knew God and served Him every day of his life.

Do you know people like that? People who “practice the presence of God” every minute of every day? Who seem to feel His presence more than they feel yours?

I have. And I have to tell you, they’re beautiful people to be with.

I’m not there yet. When life hits me in the face, my hair catches on fire and I run in every direction, trying to do what has to be done and fix, fix, fix.

I’m still learning to practice His presence, even after all this time. But, oh! How my heart yearns within me.

Author: Susan Shay

For as long as I can remember, I've loved two things--reading and people--and that led me to become a writer. Many of my stories are set in Small Town Worlds. I'm a wife, mother, sibling and an aunt. I have a deep faith in God, and an exciting life in Christ. Maybe I shouldn't be (after all, he's God!) but I'm constantly amazed at the things He's up to. :)

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