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Happy Birthday, Pops!

See this guy? (The little girl is cute, too, but the boy is the subject of this post.)

And this guy? Not Sparky, the boy riding him. 🙂

There. Now you can see him better.

You can tell by the pictures, they weren’t taken in the last few days. (It’s more than a few years since they were taken.) Anyway, this little boy is about to turn another year older.

His birthday is this Friday, and we plan to celebrate. But we aren’t celebrating until Monday, because on Friday he’ll be out working. He works nearly every day at the office, but some days he’s out in the field, doing his thing. And there’s no way he’s going to postpone a frac job to celebrate his big day.

I wouldn’t tell you his age except he’s a shining example of how to live life to the Nth degree. He’s going to be 81. He’s healthy, happy, active and has a mind like a steel trap.

Why? Genes play a big part, I’m sure, but the fact that God has had first place in his life since 1959 is truly what makes his life so good. He’s never been a smoker or a drinker. He didn’t keep late hours or spend his time and money trying to fill a hole in his life.

He’s moral, has a tender heart and his children thank God for him every day of the world.

Want to talk about a great work ethic? Dad’ll be 81 yo in just a few days, and he still comes to work nearly every day. I know men a third his age who couldn’t keep up his work schedule.

I thank God every day for letting me have a dad like mine. He has a heart full of love, and not only for his kids or spouse. He loves most of the people he meets. What a blessing!

Happy birthday, Dad. I doubt you’ll see this, but it’s here in case sometime you happen over.

Happy birthday!

Love you!