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Meret Beret

I might have mentioned I like to knit. (grins) I’m not a fantastic knitter, but I enjoy the process.

Usually, I knit a lot in the winter, and not so much in the summer.

Nikki and Nicole’s Christmas stockings.

(Too much to do outside to spend a lot of time knitting when it’s warm.)

When we go on vacation, no matter what time of year it is, I like to have a project to take along. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it’s all that down time with little to do if you aren’t reading, driving or navigating. Or maybe it’s an “idle-hands” and “devil’s-workshop” thing. Who knows? 😉

The first time I remember feeling as if I “needed” something to do while on vaca, we were visiting my cousin Liz in Texas. That time, I bought a kit and did embroidery. After that when the fam left the state, I found myself looking for shops to buy busy-work.

If you’re in a place like a ski resort, hobby shops aren’t inexpensive, although they often have really, really cute patterns and ideas. All the newest and latest!

So to head off high prices (and give myself something to do on the way where ever we’re going) I started finding something to take along. For our two day trip to Paola, Kansas, I found a cute beret I wanted to knit at Loops in Tulsa. I knew I couldn’t knit the entire hat while we were gone, but I thought I’d get a good start on it.

The yarn and needles came from Loops, but the pattern came from Ravelry and is by Woolly Wormhead. (Don’t you love that name?) It’s knitted in the round. That means either double pointed needles

That’s kind of hard to see. Check this one out. More visible but simpler.

or I could use a circular needle.

Since a circular is only one needle to deal with and dpns have five, I chose the circular. (I know. Duh, right? LOL)

So I cast on, just like with straight needles, then the tricky part. You have to make sure there are no twists or turns, then you join the circle so you can’t tell where it begins. The joining isn’t hard. It’s making sure there are no twists or turns that’s killer.

   This isn’t my picture. It came from a website called Knit Simple .

The object is to get all the stitches going the same way

like this. Then join.

So I thought I had all my stitches going the same way, like the pic, and I joined it. I knitted for an inch, then did a 1 x 1 rib.

Can you see it? Think about the bottom of a sweater. That’s ribbing.

Here’s how 1 x 1 ribbing is made: Knit a stitch, pull your yarn to the front and purl a stitch, take your yarn to the back, knit a stitch, etc. Not hard, but you can’t just zone out and knit as I did the first inch of the hat. I knitted and purled for nearly an inch when I got a funny feeling.

I had a twist in the stitches when I joined the circle. 😦

My excuse was I didn’t have room in the car to spread it out and the road wasn’t the smoothest, yada yada. But the bottom line was, I had to rip. No fun.

But I ripped and put it all back in nearly by the time we got to Payola.

Here’s where I am now.

 With all the stitch markers, it reminds me of back in pre-historic times when I slept in hair curlers. 🙂

I think you can see it better here. I’m nearly finished with the first layer. Here’s what the “real” Meret Beret looks like–

Pretty, isn’t it?

Front view.

These last three pictures are from Ravelry. Someone can really make a gorgeous hat.

I doubt mine will be that perfect, but at least I’ll enjoy making it.

One more picture.

This is what I’ve done so far. It’s sitting on my Bible to remind me to tell you about zoning out as I knit. When the pattern is simple enough that I’m not repeating each step, stitch-by-stitch in my head, I pray for whomever I’m knitting it as I go. When I give it away, I call it, “A Prayer in Every Stitch.” (If I had a knitting biz, that’s what I’d name it.)

To be brutally honest, I should probably change that to, “A Prayer In As Many Stitches As Possible,” but that just doesn’t have the same ring, does it? 🙂