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A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of . . . .

When you read about blogging, they tell you the worst thing you can do is send your readers off site. (‘Cause they might not come back.) Leave it to me . . . I’m going to break that rule.

I went to a blog this morning that made me laugh till I cried. Friend Kari Ferguson Watson put a link of Facebook, and since it had a picture of a rooster (I’m into roosters right now)

My knitted blind rooster/chicken/fowl thing.

I clicked on it.

And I laughed out loud. G-Man probably thought I’d lost my mind until I told him about the rooster in the story. (If I can find that store, I’m gonna score me a rooster.)

But before you click on the link, there’s a potty-mouth warning. If you can ignore the bad words, though, it’s hilarious.

Check it out.

*  *  *

Pinky update: I went to the pink specialist last week.

He was so proud because when he took my brace off, my pinky stood up on his own. Only it didn’t last. Poor pink was soon swollen, and droopy and really sad looking. (And it hurt.) Not as sad as it was when it first gilflirted, but still ugly.

 So I’m visiting the pinky doc again today.

*  *  *

There’s a guy “trespassing” on some high “communications tower” in T-Town. The officials have his name and age and have been giving him food and water while he’s up there. This is the fifth day, and he’s been through two big boomer storms.

I can’t figure how he’s staying up there without falling asleep. I’d have been flat out by nine o’clock the first night, but he’s up there for five straight days? (Does this remind anyone of the pole sitting college students are reported to have done back in the nineteen twenties?)

I’m sure this is a serious situation (I might have to drive by and wave at him while I’m in T-
Town visiting the pinky doc) but I keep wondering why they don’t withhold cigarettes. Everyone knows smokers can’t last that long without burning one.

G-Man wondered how he goes to the bathroom. Ewwww. I don’t think I want to know.

*  *  *

And finally . . .

There’s a great new group on Facebook. It’s called, “You Might Be From C-Town, Ok . . . ” (or something close to that.)

I’m loving it. It has all kinds of remembrances from school days, a few pictures and lots of names I haven’t heard in years. One guy mentioned there should probably be two groups because of the extreme difference in ages in the group. There are kids who were in school in the ’90’s as well as kids who were there back in the ’40’s.

Lots of fun. Great pictures. Happy, happy memories. What’s not to love?