Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Love that Weekend!

Finally! G-Man and I had a weekend where we didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything. A wonderful, stress-free two-day vaca! It was great!

And to make it even more special, it was less than a hundred degrees and we got rain. Not just a passing tease, either. We got a whole tenth of an inch! I was thrilled. (Especially after I got my water bill. OUCH!)

So, what did I do?

I knitted. Weird for me to knit in the summertime (I really like to garden) but I just had to grab my needles and finish a couple of thing. Besides, it’s too hot to be out in the garden. (I have a cantaloupe that’s almost ripe. I’m so excited!)

So I finished this chicken, which I started last year on vacation. She’s blind right now, but I’ll get some eyes on the girl one of these day.

And I finished an “Effing” scarf. (I didn’t give it that name. It’s on the pattern. Honest!)

Looks like a nest for the chicken, doesn’t it? LOL! It’s not. It’s a scarf.

See? It’s kind of like a mini-shawl, but it’s too small to wear around the shoulders unless you’re a six-year-old girl. I didn’t really enjoy working with this yarn. It’s the size of thread and you use big needles (13 or so) to give it that loopy look. I’ll like it when I wear it, but the yarn didn’t feel good in my hands.

I had no idea that I cared about the feel of yarn as I work until I had this skinny stuff in my fingers. The brace on my pinky didn’t help either. I usually wrap the yarn there to provide even tension, but had to change my wrap because I need to be able to feel how tight or loose the wrap is.

So I finished those two projects and went back to work on another one. Remember this from last fall?

It’s called the Shalom Cardigan. I think I showed it to you in an orange color last time. Anyway, this is the project I’m on now. I love the yarn I’m working with! And the pattern is just challenging enough to hold my attention.

It might be a good idea for me to take a class on blocking so it’ll look good when I finally get to wear it. I really don’t enjoy finishing projects, but if I knew how to finish them correctly, it might help. 🙂

I went to church, of course, and G-Man and I went to see Harry Potter the Last. I thought it was a great movie, although I didn’t know what was going on through much of it. I love seeing Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) all grown up. Now I want to go back and see that first movie again, so I can remember what he looked like back in the day. <G>

I heard JK Rowling has “something else” in the works. One person told me that it’s a new series. A fantasy, but not Harry Potter. All I saw online was a place where you could read all the backstory (aka “BS”) about Harryworld.

I don’t know if JK will write more books or not. Her work was a big deal when it came out. Very imaginative and original. But everyone wanted to be original like her, which isn’t original at all, so there were lots of wannabes. (In the fashion world, that’s called knock-offs. In the writing world, it’s sometimes called rip-offs.)

Will JK write more books? She has plenty of money now, so she doesn’t have to write to survive. I think we’ll find out whether or not she was a writer at heart.

So a better question would be, can she stop writing books?

The big-guns tell me, “Writers write.” Guess we’ll just have to see.