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HDTV and Me Ü

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''I Love Lucy

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It all started on the 4th of July. The kids were here, waiting for the chicken to get fried, watching TV with their dad. One of them spotted the HD recorder we bought a while back and decided to install it. “You’ll love the picture. It’s so much clearer.”

So they connected it, fiddled with it and called the TV guy and finally got it where we could watch one channel but couldn’t record. (We had been able to record two channels at once.) No HD.

Why is it when Pops and the kids get something going and someone has to stay home to get it fixed, staying somehow falls to Mama? LOL. I’m not sure how that works, but lucky me! I got to miss work to let the TV guy in so he could make things right.

In case you’re wondering, no. I didn’t tell anyone I wanted it hooked up. But yes, I will be watching it (a lot) so that evens things out. 😉

I was late to work to meet the first technician, only to find out that the man who came couldn’t do a thing. (Not his part of the job.) Then I missed over half of the next day so another technician could come.

But it all turned out great! Our technician was Irish. From Ireland! He had the most beautiful brogue and, I found out after a few moments, he was a nice guy.

We chatted a little, he told me not to answer his phone even if it rang, and he went outside and started working. On the south side of my house. In the heat. And the sunshine. And he could still smile when he came back in. (Could have been the air conditioning that rated the grin.)

Now we have really clear TV. I can see whiskers growing on a guy’s face if I bother to look. There’s such clarity, I could probably see the peach fuzz on Justin Bieber’s face if I had the chance.

NYC signing September 1,2009 Nintendo Store - NYC

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Right now though, I’m watching a movie that’s not available in HD, and I don’t care. I enjoyed TV when we only had two channels, neither one was in color and I Love Lucy was on both. (Okay, maybe it just seemed as if it was on both stations.)

Compared to that, this is fantastic.

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