Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Wedding Horizons

Have I mentioned there’s a wedding coming in the Shay household? Two, actually, but one isn’t until next spring. One is this summer.


Did you hear that? It was my heart hurting.

This is what they should look like. They should still be little and playing, having a great time. That’s #2 in the back, lying down and yelling his head off. #3 is squinting at the camera, being very quiet. (Stayed out of trouble that way.)

Really, don’t you think kids should just stop aging when they get to such a cute age? If they did, I think this is the age I’d choose. They were so fun and innocent! I remember being kind of tired all the time, otherwise, it was a perfect life. (They say memory is the first thing to go. LOL.)

I swiped this pic from Matt’s facebook. I’m not sure of his age here, but the black and white makes him look so extremely young.

I love this boy!

In school he played the sax and piano, but rarely plays either these days. He loves to work, though. I used to keep him from going to work rather than grounding him back when he was in middle school.  One other thing he loves? Sports.

 OSU’s sports are the best. (Just ask him.) He tries to get season tickets to the OSU football games each year. He got caught by the camera at one of the OSU games.

And I love his sense of humor. (He’s wearing orange in the big fist here.) I love the way he teases me about his “other” mothers. I love that he’s there when I need him and doesn’t mind asking if he needs a hand. I love that he succeeds where other people are afraid to even try.

The Meet– Miracle of miracles, he met Nikki at a New Years Eve party he went to with a friend from college. (Isn’t she gorgeous?) She’s cute and funny and has an infectious laugh that makes you want to join in, even if you don’t know why.

And just like with the women in my other sons’ lives, we all fell in love.

Aren’t they sweet? My wish for them is that they have a marriage as perfect as the one my parents had. And as rambunctious as the one G-Man and I’ve had. (Never, ever boring!)

I think they have a pretty good start. 😉