Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Sunday Morning Thanks

Did the thunderstorm this morning cause anyone else to wake up with a smile? It did me! I love rain and thunderstorms, especially in summer.

The past two morning have been practically perfect in every way–cool one morning, cool and showering the next.

The shower this morning has really been a blessing! (Thank you, Jesus!)

♪♫ There will be showers of blessings ♪♫ Showers of blessing we need ♫♪ Mercy drops round us are falling ♪♫ But for the showers we plead! ♫♪ (Remember that song?)

Cool mornings in the middle of what looks as if it’s going to be a long, hot, dry summer is kind of like a hug from God, isn’t it? Just a quick touch in order for Him to say, “I haven’t forgotten you. I love you.

“I want to be your BFF.”  (He really does!)

Ever think of it that way? God loves us, cares about our every thought and emotion. He rejoices with us as well as mourns. He knows when we’re hurting, and He knows when we’re so thrilled, we have to do a little jig.

I think He’s jigging with us. He knows how many hairs we have left on our heads at any given moment. He knows the things that will hurt us. And thrill us. Tempt us. Lead us down the wrong path and how we can find the right one.

God cares. Doesn’t that give you comfort? It does me, way down deep inside.

And when the time is right, He sends us showers–the rain and blessings. What could be better than that?