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Ü Water and the Blog. Ü

Ever notice when something goes wrong, it affects EVERYTHING? It wasn’t really a big deal–we just didn’t have water to our house for about twenty-four hours, and it kept me from my blog yesterday! 😦

It shouldn’t have been a biggy. I mean, most of our parents (okay–ancestors) lived in places where all the water had to be hauled. Not just drinking water–every drop!

I had no idea how spoiled I am.

Here’s what happened. I had to start watering my gardens just to save some of my plants, so I asked G-Man about the in ground system. (Why drag hoses when you have a computerized gizmo to handle it for you?)

Because he disconnects the system each winter to keep it from freezing and busting, he had to put it back together. But when he went to turn off the water to the house so he could, the valve broke and gushed water–about a gallon a minute.

No. Fun.

When he told me he’d have to turn off the water to the entire house until the next day, I filled several pitchers and a bucket. But spoiled critter than I am, I just hated having to pour water out of a pitcher rather than flip on the faucet. And (naturally) I’d planned to smoke ribs the next day.

Before smoking anything at my house (because I clean them up when I’m ready to use them again) grills have to be washed, and the pan filled with liquid–fruit juice and/or (naturally!) water. Oh, and wood chunks have to be soaked in water so they smoke and don’t just go up in flames.

But I got ‘er done.

I noted this and I wanted to share it with you so you won’t have to learn it on your own: Life is just no fun without water. It’s harder to brush your teeth. Harder to comb your hair. Harder to do dishes. And impossible to take a shower. (Had a sponge bath lately? We could only even flush once without using our precious water to fill the tank so we flushed as little as possible. Ewwww!) Getting ready for work without water took forever.

As soon as I got to the office, I turned on a faucet and let it r-u-n! Little did I realize to what extent water, piped right into our presence, is a fantastic blessing from God!

Even though G-Man took off the entire day to dig out the line so he could replace it (he reports he’s the victim of cheap/shoddy/stupid workmanship) he wasn’t finished when I got home last night. So our wonderful dinner of smoked ribs had to wait until we could wash our hands.

But they were worth the wait. I used the rub that Miss Marilyn put in her personal favorites cookbook. (Wowzer!) At first glance, I thought I’d burned them to a crisp. They were absolutely black. But, oh, buddy! The meat fell right off the bone and the smoky flavor was out of this world.

Maybe the struggle to get that meal on the table made it taste even better. But who knew you needed to have water to be able to blog?