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♥ More Wedding Days ♥


I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but I married G-Man five months after I met him. We were married at my church in C-Town and had our reception at my parents’ home.

I’m one of those “I like it cozy and homey” people if you hadn’t noticed.

It didn’t take much to talk Mom into having the reception at home. If my kids wanted to have theirs at my house, I’d freak, but she was surprisingly cool about it. This is our dining room. (Ignore the picture of the bubble head on the buffet if you can.)

The cake topper was from my grandparent’s fiftieth anniversary reception. I wanted to use it because it was theirs and I wanted to honor them, and I hoped for that many years (at least) for us. We used fresh flowers to camouflage the “50 Years” on the topper.

We had so much fun that night. The wedding and reception was just like a big party with all the people we loved celebrating with us.

So many women stress out over their weddings. I’ve known a few who fainted in the middle of the nuptials, so I encourage the women I know to have a good time. If your marriage starts out fun, there’s a good chance the entire marriage will be fun.

So we laughed and talked and enjoyed the people who were there to celebrate with us.

Finally, Mom reminded me that the guests couldn’t leave until the wedding couple did (I’m not sure how she learned all this stuff, but she knew!) so I went to change into my “going away outfit” which came from Mom’s dress shop.

This is my beautiful mom and sister, helping me get out of my wedding dress. If you’ve never had a wedding dress on, you’ll never know how hard they are to get out of. At least mine didn’t have a thousand buttons down the back. Fifty-seven buttons on each cuff was bad enough.

We borrowed my friend car for our get away and hid it two doors away. We ran through the shower of rice (ouch) and headed across the yards.

Amy has an icing rose here she’s wanting to give me and #4 (in the hat) has more rice she wants to pelt us with.

That girl had quite an arm!

I posted the above picture for #4. G-Man always says that shot was one of his favorites because of the way she looked.

Hiding the get away car didn’t help much, btw. At least G-Man and I didn’t have to stop and get it washed before we left for the big city. We just drove to the small town to the north and got his car from his parents’ house.

Author: Susan Shay

For as long as I can remember, I've loved two things--reading and people--and that led me to become a writer. Many of my stories are set in Small Town Worlds. I'm a wife, mother, sibling and an aunt. I have a deep faith in God, and an exciting life in Christ. Maybe I shouldn't be (after all, he's God!) but I'm constantly amazed at the things He's up to. :)

4 thoughts on “♥ More Wedding Days ♥

  1. Thanks Gary! Its a classic “deer in the headlights” look!
    I must have loved my hat, since I still have it on.
    I love the pictures showing our home in the background, and I smiled when I saw your portrait. Mom had style!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • The first time we saw it, Gary said you looked like the Lone Ranger. I think it was the hat. LOL.
      Mama did have style, didn’t she? Wish we’d let some of the air out of that ‘do before my senior picture, though. Oy!

  2. Loved the write-up & pictures! Some day we’ll have to get together & compare notes!

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