Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Pinky Update

I’m so excited!

The pinky specialist I saw yesterday said I WOULDN’T have to have surgery to fix my smallest digit. YAAAAAY!

All I have to do is wear this little brace thingy for six weeks (6!) without ever (ever, ever!) letting my finger droop. So pinky girl is gonna look like a pug nose for 42 days. Wait! It’s only 41 now. LOL.

I told the pinky specialist that if we didn’t have it off before July 23, we’d have to paint it a pretty color for MS’s wedding. Gotta coordinate!

And SMALL TOWN WORLD connection–the pinky specialist I saw in the big city used to work in the emergency room in C-Town. 🙂 He has to be good people!