Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Please, Help!

I need your help.

For some reason, I’m not coming up with a good story about how I did this–

Gross, huh? How I did it is a boooooring story. So bad, you’d probably fall asleep before I finished . . . zzzzz.


As a fiction writer, I thought I’d just adopt a little pretend story so I don’t leave a trail of snoozing people wherever I go.

So far I’ve come up with these ideas–

  1. Pinky wars! I fought a good fight, but had to pay my dues.
  2. Pinky swear. I broke that promise and paid the price.
  3. Mom warned me about this. (Sounding mysterious.)
  4. Walking on my hands and stubbed my pinky.  (I kinda like that one.)
  5. Making scary fingers (Ooooooooo!) and sprained one. (Meh.)

When at Ozark, I had a great friend named Bomber who would have had several quips for me. I can practically hear her now.

“You really nailed it, Spesser.”

“Guess you pinked punked out.”

The honest truth (is there any such thing as dishonest truth?) is I most likely a ruptured tendon. Fixable only with surgery. I’ll see a finger specialist on Wednesday and we’ll find out for sure. Yes, I’ll have the surgery ASAP because I don’t want to go to MS’s wedding like this–

   We’ve got to finger this out. 🙂 (That’s another Bomber quip. She was good at it!)

So I need your suggestions. What’s your idea for an exciting story can I share?

All suggestions will be considered. Nothing is too sappy. (Time travel, maybe???)

BTW: Thanks! And you don’t have to tell me how yucky it looks. I know. LOL.