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Tornado in old ‘Ford

A tornado near Seymour, Texas

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A couple of days ago, #6, my nephew and I drove to Newkirk with Dad. That place seems like it’s a million miles away, but we made the time pass by getting Dad to tell stories.

The weather turned stormy as we drove. “Hey, Pops. Tell us about that tornado you went through in the topless cellar.”

He chuckled and shook his head. “Well, Daddy was working with another man, pulling pipe outside of the Ford near the cemetery. They looked up and saw that twister on the ground, nearly on top of them.

The other man jumped in his pickup, but Daddy laid down flat in a low place and held on to a tree. He looked over at the pickup with the man in it, and the tornado was making it rock and bounce so hard, the guy couldn’t get the door open to escape.

“The tornado went into the Ford, skirting it on the north side. It caught one woman up in it. Later she said all she could see was dirt, flying around her. It put her down about a mile away with cuts and bruises, but not much worse for the wear.

“One of my brothers and I were working out on the farm, hoeing the garden. We looked up and saw that tornado coming at us. It looked like a limp rope, hanging out of the sky with the end flopping around. We ran to the only place close by–an old cellar with the top gone. When we stood in it, we could just see over the top.

“That tornado came right straight at us. We watched it until it was not too far off, and just when we thought it had us, it turned and went around us. Sure was a relief.”

I might not have chosen the best day to ask Dad to tell that story since the sky was full of lightning and dark clouds, but it made the trip to the Kay County Farm Service Agency seem much shorter. I’m looking forward to our next one!