Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Middle of April


This is not my backyard.

Just thought I’d clarify that so there wouldn’t be a misunderstanding.

This isn’t either. But I wouldn’t mind if it were. 🙂

Would you like to know where I took these pics?

Here’s a hint.

It’s called Coming Through the Rye. (I think.)

Can’t you just hear them shouting, “Yeehaw!” and shooting off their guns?

Isn’t he just full of personality? Old Fred Remington sure knew what he was doing when he sculpted this, didn’t he?

G-Man and I were at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame a few weeks back when I took these. Here’s another one of my favorites.

I don’t remember the name of the sculpture in the background, but it’s a Paint mare and her colt. And in the foreground? That’s a wild goose who decided NCHF was a great place to hang out on a beautiful spring day.

Smart goose.

When we first went inside, we had a real surprise. Ernest Borgnine was being interviewed in front of a gimongus statue of The End of the Trail. Mr. Borgnine is 94 years old and told stories like a young man.

He was there to serve as a presenter for the 50th Annual Western Heritage Awards. We didn’t get to hear much of the interview, but he sounded as if he could be so much fun!

Most of the displays inside the museum–paintings and authentic costumes–were off limits to photography. (Although I did see some people breaking the rules, I didn’t. No way I wanted to get the boot from that wonderful place.)

In one area, it was legal to take pictures. It was supposed to be an old west town.

 Saddle maker shop.

This is the blacksmith’s shop. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if they had people “living” in this old town? They could tell us about what went on, day to day. A true education in history.

This is the saloon. (Miss Kitty isn’t in.)

On the wall. (Marilyn, I took that shot for you. I know how much you love buffalo.)

The photographer.

The church.

I tried my hand at preaching. But no converts. 🙂 The “marshall” popped his head in after we left to see that we hadn’t left anything out of place.

We had to leave an hour earlier than normal because of the awards ceremony that night. On our way out, we saw several beautifully dressed people. I’m talking tuxedoes and seriously formal gowns. These people knew about black tie! 

Instead of hanging there for the formal dinner (ha!) can you guess where we went?

 If you guessed Brick Town, you’d be right. Talk about fun! Just a middle of April weekend, and the place was teeming with folks.

Isn’t this a great old building? I loved it and the paint at the top where it says, “Fox Vliet Wholesale Drug Company.” (Does that ring anyone’s chime?)

So we started home. There were still  some paintings along the way.


Beautiful, OKLAHOMA! (My hat’s off to Rodgers and Hammerstein for writing our fantastic state song!)

And from a distance, our beautiful capitol.

What could be a better way to end a fabulous day?

In the gift shop, I saw a familiar face. The Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook was right up front!

Have you been to the Cowboy Hall of Fame lately? If it’s been a while, you’ll want to go back. It’s better than ever!