Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


What’s Your Story?

So? How was your Easter?

Did your entire family get to be together? We were missing #1 and DIL, but we had a fantastic day anyway. Many thanks to Brother Jeffrey, who does most of the work for the family, feeding the calves, judging when they’re just ready and hauling them to turn into steaks. YUMMERS! 

The day started early, early, fixing strawberries and deviled eggs. (The eggs were a big hit before we were even ready for dinner. LOL)

As usual, Sunday School and church were wonderful. In SS we’re about to attack Phillipians 3. The teacher in that class is fantastic. He loves God’s word and doesn’t just whip through the Book. Instead, he studies it word by word, sharing with us the very marrow of the word.

Then worship service. The place was teeming with people. (Ever notice how so many people remember Easter is a day to worship, even if they are too busy the rest of the year? PTL!) This is the church where I grew up, but there were so many people I didn’t know! What a wonderful day!

One of my favorite things about worshiping with this group of Christians is that we know to expect the unexpected. As usual, we had a surprise yesterday.

I worked hard not to sob out loud (I didn’t want to frighten Dad and my long time friend, Trudy) as we saw Cardboard Testimonies.

I wanted to write a few down, but I couldn’t think about pen and paper as I read the stark truth of the statements on the faces of people I love. I can’t see when my mascara is burning in my eyes, so these aren’t direct quotes. They’re just the best I can remember. 

Changed by the Master 

Each person testifying walked onto the stage, holding a large piece of cardboard, which they held up for everyone to read, then flipped to the back. One said, “A Mess.” She flipped it and the back said, “God’s mess.”

A woman walked to the middle and lifted a sign that said, “My husband died.” She turned it to the other side. “We’ll be together again in glory.”  

Another woman’s said, “Alcoholic.” She flipped it to, “Sober in Christ, 28 years.”

“Convicted felon/Free in Christ.”

“Orphaned by alcoholism/Daughter of the King.”     

“People pleaser/becoming a God pleaser.”

“Devastated by divorce,” made me cry so hard I missed what was on the back.

On of my favorite people in the world was one of the first testimonies. After all the others, I’d forgotten exactly what hers said, but she put it on Facebook. “I was lost in despair…..with the Grace of God now I’m Hopeful with Promise.”

Then on FB she asked, “What’s your story?”

Put yourself in their place. Would you put your worst failure out there for everyone to see? Could you do it?  

“Fearful of dying/Secure beneath His wing.”

“Seeking approval from the world/The Lord is my righteousness.”

Have you been changed by the master? What’s your story?