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Lunch with Friends


I had lunch yesterday with friends, and I have to tell you, I had so much fun! Isn’t it amazing how times flies when you’re chatting about something close to your heart, such as story telling?

Much of our talk revolved around the poor woman who asked a book reviewer to review her book then, when she received a less than stellar review, went on to paint a perfect target on her foot, take aim and shoot it smack in the middle of the bullseye.

The poor thing even went so far as to tell others who posted telling her that she was wrong to “F. O.”

She didn’t use initials.

She spelled it out so the world would know just exactly what she meant. And at least one of the people she offended by answering that way was a New York editor. A person who could (possibly) have taken her from self-published to the big time.

But this isn’t a blog about how to destroy your career. It’s a blog about why, every now and then, we need a day out with friends. Okay, maybe need isn’t the word. Maybe blossom is the word I want.

I was thrilled to get to chat about writing with people who loves it as much as I do. It makes me want to get up even earlier tomorrow so I can get more words on the screen, fix them (I rarely write anything perfectly the first time) pray over them and hope that I can tell Joe and Sara’s love story in a way that will touch someone’s heart. Several someones’ hearts.

After all, God is love. He created us to want to love and be loved. To want to connect with one another the way we do. We meet, fall in love and marry until death do us part.

Of course, it’s the in between–why a man is attracted to a certain woman and why she responds, why they can’t possibly fall in love, and why they do anyway, so they must forge a way, just the two of them together, to make it work–that makes writing romance so much fun.

(Think that sentence was long enough? Ha!)

I can hardly wait until we do it again!

And I get to have lunch with another group of friends today who are as excited and exciting as yesterday’s group. This group doesn’t write, though.

I’ve been invited to a prayer lunch, to thank God for the explosion happening in our church. Not the numbers, although they’re growing, too. We’re thanking Him for giving us a renewed heart. The love, excitement and joy(!) is amazing!

I can hardly wait.    

I’m filing this under Small World Blessings, because girlfriends are blessings from God!

Author: Susan Shay

For as long as I can remember, I've loved two things--reading and people--and that led me to become a writer. Many of my stories are set in Small Town Worlds. I'm a wife, mother, sibling and an aunt. I have a deep faith in God, and an exciting life in Christ. Maybe I shouldn't be (after all, he's God!) but I'm constantly amazed at the things He's up to. :)

6 thoughts on “Lunch with Friends

  1. Boy, Susan, you hit the nail on the head! Without girlfriends, we would be lost–they are so much fun. After not seeing some of them for years, it is fantastic to be able to reconnect. About 10 of us had the opportunity to do this in February. Now, we are planning an Amtrak train ride to Texas to visit two of them. We all agreed we hadn’t laughed so much in years. It is so exciting to be able to share part of our lives again with friends who meant so much to us in our teenage years. We still love being together & talking with each other!! Yea!

    • Now that sounds like a fun ride. Have a great time.
      We had a wonderful time–one woman’s husband came with her. We haven’t scared him off yet. LOL. He’s a lot of fun, and just full of stuff we want to know about. (Writers are a curious bunch.)

  2. It was fun, wasn’t it? I find it so easy to get caught up in everything else going on that I have to actually work to make time for friends. Lord knows, I wouldn’t survive without those little breaks. One afternoon can make the rest of the week bearable.

    Have fun at your other lunch!

    • The other lunch was good, but the writer lunch was, too!!! Especially with the cool presents thrown in.
      Thank you, thank you, thank you. I adored every one of them. And you.

  3. Hi Susan,
    It is nice to hear about your friendships! It is always interesting to read people’s thoughts on art blogs. I think it is a good way to share information between us artists and give us exposure. I recommend you to visit my blog at and share ideas. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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