Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


My Friend’s WGT

Have you ever wondered if God could see you? A friend of mine did.

She had a great life. But she was so busy working, keeping house, doing laundry and cooking as if she was a stay-at-home mom. She was exhausted.

Now this friend has never doubted God’s existence. She’s always known He created the world and authored the Bible—no doubt in her mind. But she also had a startling grasp of reality. She knew how many people were in the world and she knew all about the terrible problems that were out there. 

So she wondered if God saw her. Just her. So many people had drastic needs so much worse than hers. Did He even notice hers? 

Was she special to Him? Did He even hear her prayers, and if He did, did He answer? 

So my friend drove across town one afternoon , and as she drove, she prayed. I don’t know the exact words of her prayer, but she poured out her heart to God. Do I matter to you? Do you see me? Are you close to me?

She stopped at a stop sign, and as she started through the intersection, she glanced up and saw a marquee with only three words.


My friend’s heart nearly stopped and she had to blink hard to be able to see because hot tears filled her eyes.

God heard her prayer! And he answered! Immediately in no uncertain terms.

Jehovah God is here and He loves her as if she were His only child.

I wish you could hear the awe in my friend’s voice as she tells about this day. I wish I were a better writer (and listener) so I could share her emotions with you as she did with me.

Not long after that, this friend and I found we were going to the same Beth Moore Study in different places. This is a friend I rarely see, and I don’t think we’d ever discussed Beth. But God had brought us this connection through Him.

A WGT? Oh, yes!