Susan Spess Shay

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Playing Ball

There’s a video you need to watch. It’s on a website call Godvine, and is about opposing high school softball teams.

For a long time, I’ve been a little irritated by high school sports. Too many parents who want to run the show. Too many kids who think they’re going pro at any moment. Too much ego. Too much.

I’d forgotten something else. If done right, sports can teach kids the game of life. How to live like you mean it. How to treat others like you want to be treated. How to allow the Spirit to shine, on the field and off.

I don’t know how to post this video, but in a dog-eat-dog world, it’s really too good to miss. Please, check it out. Click here.  

Watch it and tell me what you think about it. What would you have done if you’d been the girls on the other team?