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A Friend’s Weird God Thing

This is from a friend of mine. I wanted her to share and she was a little uncomfortable using her name. So I suggested she do it anonymously. When you read it, see if it doesn’t make you think of a story from the Bible.
My Friend’s Weird God Thing
Have you ever known you needed to tell someone something, but didn’t know how they would take it? Had this happen, & the person asked me the question, I can’t lie, cause His word says not to & liars will be cast into a lake of fire.
So, sitting there wondering, do I tell them or what? Or is that a sin of not telling them, when you know they want/need to know. This person had been ill, & was unsure of how they would take it.
While contemplating, not sure if that’s the word, because I was on the spot here, & had been pondering for several months. Hopefully, you can get the scene, all comfy in my recliner, then the question. WOW!
Then I hear my name, sounded like my daddy’s voice, have heard this before, but, not quite like this, & it was audible, with a sense of urgency. Sometimes, my husband sounds like daddy when he hollers at me, so I said, did he just holler at me? The person says yes!
I thought well I better go see what he wants, I heard it again. A little put out, since I’m all comfy, our dog sitting up with me in the recliner. Get up & go to the other end of the house, where husband is showering, (thinking, that’s strange.)
I asked did you holler at me? He says no, I go back, thinking I KNOW I heard my name not once but twice.
I took it from that, I knew what I had to do, I did, & it turned out great!
God is so good!!
Isn’t that beautiful? (I’m a little jealous. Good jealous, but jealous all the same.) Tell me, am I the only one or does it remind someone else of a story from the Old Testament?