Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


My New “About”

Did you notice my new “about”? At the top of the screen, right under the title, Small Town World. I change it fairly often. I’ve had a joke or two there and when I started this blog, I actually had what it was about.

Imagine that. LOL.

But this time I put my SSMT–my memory verse for the first half of April.

#4 and I both decided to do the SSMT thing without knowing the other was doing it. Since I’m such a talker (unkind people might call it being a  blabber mouth, but I know YOU wouldn’t) I yakked about it right away.

After the first verse or so, #4 suggested we memorize the same verse. A way for long distance double sisters (Christian sisters as well as siblings from the same parents) to stay connected. I jumped on it!

But being the über busy people we are (well, SHE’S über busy, I just act like I am while I play on my blog) it’s not easy to get something memorized. So I got to thinking. (Or maybe God put the thought in my head. I hope He did, anyway.) Since I go to my blog every day, and #4 pretends she does 😉 I’ll post the current verse there.

Maybe seeing it will help us absorb it.

Look at it again. That first part–Be still and know that I am Lord. God. (Told you I had trouble.)

Be still. Did your grandma ever tell you to be still? Not just quiet down, but be still. Stop running and jumping and chasing and flying all over the place.


Keep stopped.

Focus on God.

 There’ll be time to do whatever later.

Exalt Him!