Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.

7 thoughts on “♥♥♥ HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! ♥♥♥

  1. We’ve had a couple of Valentine’s Day meals so far, one at Wichita Saturday and one at church last night. I plan on making filet mignons, baked potatoes, & salad tonight. And finish it off with a chocolate cheesecake and chocolate dipped strawberries.

    I’m taking my mom her Valentine’s presents to her house at noon. I bought her a copy of Black Heels to Wagon Wheels and chocolates from Godiva. Also, delivering her dinner from Rib Crib. Mmmmm….

    My kids won’t be getting their presents today but I got them dark chocolate from Godiva and cards.

  2. Wow, Terri. You’re a good V Day gifter!

    What were you doing in Wichita? Did you go see #4 while you were there?

    • No, I didn’t see #4. Is that where she lives? Eddie has to get some parts for work there occasionally. I just go along for company.

      • I came so close to stopping by to see you at work Valentine’s Day. I had to go for a checkup at Dr. Evans. I was taking some food to mom’s house or I would have stopped by. I thought about you though! 🙂

        • Yes, #4 lives in Wichita. She needs to move closer to home, though. If I’d known you were at Perry’s, I’d have gone over to see you! You’re so sweet to think of your mom. What a great daughter!

  3. I remember when my sister got her first electric skillett; she was thrilled. The next year she got corning ware and thought she was a queen. Same with the steam iron for Christmas. Men must be pretty smart; they give gifts that give them pleasure in return. Sis did get chocolates for Valentine”s day. It was the day before her birthday. She was our Queen, our Mom & Our Friend.

    • Last year, Mike, G-Man gave me jewelry. This year I wanted a grill pan really badly, so I twisted his arm.
      He’s getting a printer. I plan to share it with him, too! It works both ways.
      Sisters with sibs like you are very lucky. I’m so glad you appreciate her.

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