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#1’s Mom

Wichita, Kansas Skyline during the winter snow

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Is this a baby to melt your heart or what? (I’m talking about the one on the right, ladies. Get your heads right!!!)

He’s just a cutie patootie! And he’s #4’s #1 (grandchild.)

                                    This is Nicole, #1’s mom. (I have a Nicole and a Nikki who are about to join our family, but this is #4’s DIL.) Isn’t she adorable? It’s no wonder #1 is so cute!!! (Yes, his pop might have had something to do with his gorgeous looks. Maybe. 😉  )

She works with #4, who God didn’t give any daughters, either. This one looks enough like #4 to actually be her daughter. (Or her sister.) 


                                              Lisa and her #1 grandson–>


Even though Nicolehails from the big city of Wichita, she tucked right into our family like she’d been part of the group forever.

And no, she’s not a model, but she’s pretty enough to be one. She just a beautiful girl my nephew was smart enough to marry when he had the chance. That makes him a pretty smart guy if you ask me.

Hey, Wichita Girlie! C-Town loves y’all!


Bridge Over Frozen Water


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I haven’t ventured out since the snow hit us Monday night/Tuesday morning, but I’ve been thinking about checking on going in to work today.

Then I saw on the news where a Chevy Avalanche went over the edge on a bridge near Miami, Oklahoma with 6 or 8 people in it.

This picture is from the News on 6. (KOTV in Tulsa.)

Right now you can watch it here:

There are/were divers in the water, rescuing the victims as well as other rescue workers who’ve put their lives on the line to rescue these people. They had to take equipment down the embankment to be able to get to the people who were in the truck. Snow clogged their way and made getting to the bottom very difficult. 

Getting the rescuers back out looks as if it’s even harder. I’m not sure how they got the victims out, but none of it could be easy. 

So while I’m praying for the people who were in the Avalanche and the people working on the rescue, I’m thinking I might stay right where I am today. Snug as a bug in my recliner.

I’m not nearly as far north as Miami and we didn’t get as much snow . . . but I do have a few bridges to cross to get to work.

Guess I’d better call someone and see how the roads are. Someone might need me to do something at the office.

How about you? Are you working or staying safe and warm at home?

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Cover of "Believing God (Walker Large Pri...

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Anybody out there doing SSMT besides Lisa, Jess and me? It’s not too late to start if you’re interested in a Deeper Life.

Here’s mine for the next half-a-month: Eph 1:18–I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints. NIV

Okay, it’s a long way from being memorized already, much less written on my heart. But I’m working at it.

And I’m remembering this from BELIEVING GOD–

GOD is who he says he is.

GOD can do what he say he can do.

I am who GOD says I am.

I can do all things through CHRIST.

GOD’S WORD is alive and active in me! 

Are you doing a Bible study right now? Want to share?