Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Happy Birthday Amy D!

I first saw her through the glass minutes after she was born, her thick dark hair curling and still damp from her first bath, and her toe stuck in a tiny hole in the pink baby blanket the hospital wrapped her in.

Her big blue eyes were bright and they’ve stayed that way.

This is Amy’s basketball team when she was in 5th grade. She’s #31 and her forever friend, Jonna, is next to her.

This is Amy’s senior picture. Gorgeous, isn’t she?

    This was her birthday last year, just before she did the Mexican Hat Dance!

Favorite Amy memories:

When she was three (or so) she came home from playing with Jonna and got up to the dinner table. “Pass the damn corn.” (Jonna’s big brothers were teaching them new words.)

Mama–“I you’re going to talk like that, you’re never playing with Jonna again.”  

Of course she played with her again the next day.

When she was about five, I gave her a black cat. She named him cotton.

When she was eight or ten, she asked me to take her to see a newly released movie at our drive in. I asked, “Are you sure it’s on out here?”

She answered, “I just saw the commercial on TV and they said it was showing at a theater near me. That’s the nearest one!”

Amy is the Omega to my Alpha. She’s the one most likely to get in trouble with me, who has a huge heart, a faith and love of God that’s amazing to behold.

Love you, Amy. Happy __ birthday and many, many more!