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Rent a Grandbaby Program?

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As nice girls, my sisters and I were taught not to brag–and we Spess girls learned the lesson well. We didn’t brag that we had the toughest jeans or most tangled hair.

 We never bragged that our dad was smartest or that our mom was prettiest (although they were!)

When we grew up and married, we didn’t brag about whose husband had the most hair or whose house had the fewest termites.

We didn’t even brag about our kids being sweetest/smartest/most athletic/had teeth at the youngest age or got potty trained the earliest. (Maybe because they weren’t/didn’t.)

But let me tell you, when grandkids start making the scene, there are no holds barred!

Here’s the deal–I have no grandchildren. Sister Lisa has one, Sister Cindy has two, and Sister Debbie has two.

Just yesterday I called Sister Lisa, and who did she let answer the phone? Her brilliant and beautiful soon-to-have-a-birthday grandson!


And yesterday, the same day, Sister Debbie played Grandmommie right in front of me.

That’s right, she had BOTH her granddaughters for the day. One is a two-year-old and the other ten months. Because she was having so much fun, Sister D invited me, Sister Amy and friend, Bev, over for lunch.

When we got there we walked in, the dog barked and scared the older granddaughter, who started crying. Sister Debbie was already holding one granddaughter, and picked up the other one. One granddaughter in each arm.

Is that shameless bragging or what?

And to make matters worse, both are beautiful and brilliant.

I wonder if there’s an adopt a grandbaby program I can get into? I want one!