Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Where the Action Is

These are the first three of Carol and Mary Sue Spess’s six kids. Me, Debbie and Cindy. We’re a little older now. 😉

Here’s what we look like now along with our other sibs, Amy, Lisa and Jeff. I love this picture, because when we’re together, we laugh a lot. It looks like us.

Debbie and Cindy live next door to one another, and I have to say, that’s where the action is. They both have grandchildren and Cindy has school aged children, one of whom is a sports star (and her only son) so they have lots of adventures.

 This is Cindy and one of her gorgeous grandsons.

This is Debbie. I know she looks like a movie star, but she’s really my sister. (You can see from this pic one of the reasons we laugh so much.) 

Here’s their latest adventure–

Debbie’s son, Kyle, was taking his dog out to potty and when he stepped on Deb’s icy back step, he slipped. He fell, landed with his ribs on the edge of the steps and skidded out onto the patio.

The fall knocked the breath out of him, but fearing he’d broken his ribs, his mom rushed to him. Debbie couldn’t get him to his feet, he couldn’t draw a breath to talk, so she covered him with a blanket (hey, it’s was freezing outside) and ran next door to get Cindy’s husband.

The husband wasn’t home, so Cindy jumped up to help. As Deb ran back (Cindy hot on her heels) she heard, “Oof!”

With a glance back she saw Cindy, on her backside, and turned back to help her, but remembering Kyle, lying flat out on the patio, whirled to see about him, then worried about Cindy, she turned back to her.

Before Deb could get too dizzy, Cindy waved her on. “I’m okay. See about Kyle.”

By the time she got to him, Kyle was able to talk, and with the three of them working together, they got him up and back into the house.

Cindy’s an RN, so they were able to determine he didn’t need an ambulance, but he had trouble taking a full breath without pain for a few days.

Yesterday, I asked Cindy about her hiney. “Well, I was a little sore in the end.” LOL.

Sometimes I really miss being right in the thick of all that action. And since there’s an empty house on the other side of Cindy, I wonder if I should look into moving there. 😉

I often wonder–is everyone’s family as much fun as mine or are we specially blessed? How about yours?