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Please, Pray For Sandee

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I’m going to cut to the chase, guys.

My friend, Sandee Wagner and her husband Bert are in Tunis. I don’t know if you keep up with world news or not (I don’t) but there’s some awful stuff going on.

I just saw on the Internet that the body count from the rioting in Tunis is over twenty.

The American company Sandee’s husband works for had everyone come to the Golden Tulip Hotel so they’d be together and “safe”.   (The picture of Sandee is from her website. Don’t you love her beautiful red hair?)

Unfortunately, the Wagner’s household goods just got to them a few weeks ago. Sandee spent the week before everything blew up unpacking. 

Her landlord called to tell her their rental house was broken into. Guards have been put at her house, but she has no idea what’s been stolen or broken.

She has a fantastic attitude, though. “It’s all just stuff.”

Please, put Sandee and Bert and the others in Tunis on your personal prayer lists, and if you have a church pray list and/or chain, add them to it, too.

You can read about it first hand on Sandee’s blog.

Please, don’t forget to pray.

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