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The Dreaded TT

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First let me say I’m not a natural-born bookkeeper type person. I went to a Christian College and then fashion merchandising school–so I don’t have a numbers background. (Although I did a lot of number stuff when we owned the pharmacy.)  

We’ve started the dreaded Tax Time at the office. TT is not a fun time of the year–for me at least. Why, you ask?

Because, it’s the only time when the Boss (Pop) gets a little cranky. Maybe more than a little now and then. I usually get “fired” a few times when I interrupt him at the wrong time, but I try to take it in stride. 😉

I made a sign to put on his door when he’s hard at work on TT. It’s a happy (not) face with crossed eyes, a zigzagging mouth and his hair standing on end. When I tape it on his door, I usually get grin from him–very brief.

My part of the info that’s turned into taxes (I put revenue on an Excel spreadsheet) got gilflirted this year, so I’ve got to get to work this morning and fix it. It’s not what I call fun, but I can do it.

There’s got to be a way to keep me from shooting myself in the foot from now on.

Betcha next year I’ll be more careful! I guess I could take my jump-drive and save it there each month from now on.   

If you know how to do this stuff without making mincemeat out of it, let me know. Any and all suggests are welcome!