Susan Spess Shay

Still playing make believe.


Gotta Love Facebook!

I really do.

I know, it’s just a social network, but it’s also a connection to the people in my life. Friends since before my memory began, friends from school and college, friends from other towns I’ve lived in, friends I’ve worked with and know from writing. I even have friends I’ve never met face to face.

It’s kind of like building your own small town and surrounding yourself with the people you like. (At least those who are on FB.)

I have friends who started out as my mom’s friends and my siblings’.

And some of my favorites are those I barely knew at first, then I found out how much I liked the heck out of them as I read their comments.

I love reading comments and responses, even if I’m not part of them.

Much of the time I just read and don’t say much at all. Other times the only way to shut me up is to hide from my comments. 😉

When I go in a store or restaurant these days, I often see, “Follow us on Facebook” but I rarely do. It might be a way to get coupons or discounts, but I’d rather just save FB as a place to visit with friends.

If you’re on Facebook and enjoy my Small Town World, I’m Susan Spess Shay. Come by and say hi.

If you aren’t on FB, consider it. You can build your own world there. 🙂