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New Grit

John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn in True Grit.

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♪♫ Back in the Saddle, Again ♫♪

Back at work after a super short New Years holiday. (Too much End Of Year stuff to do to actually take off Friday, even though my sweet boss gave it to us.)

But to make it up to me, G-Man took me to see the new True Grit!

Now I’ve always been a big John Wayne fan. My daddy likes him, and in John’s older years, he reminded me of my granddad a lot! But I have to tell you, the new True Grit beats the original movie, hands down!

New Grit is very exciting. Most of the actors do a much better job of actually, well, acting. Not that Duke didn’t do a great job, but his co-actors weren’t exactly the best.

Okay, just my opinion, but as an actor, Glen Campbell (that old Beach Boys guitarist)sucked pond water. The guy sounded as if he were reading poetry.

And in her early 20’s, Kim Darby was waaaaay too old to play the part of a 13 or 14 year old girl.

The only complaint I had about New Grit was Jeff Bridges sounds as if someone sewed his mouth shut, so he’s a little hard to understand. I’m not sure if his mustashe got tangled with his beard or what, but he sort of mumbles his words.

All in all though, he does a job that Lloyd would have been proud to wade out, put up his tanks and pay at the movies to see.

Lloyd Bridges in 1989.

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*Lloyd Bridges starred in a TV show called Sea Hunt where he was a scuba diver. I don’t remember the show, I just remember hearing about it. 😉 *

I liked everything about New Grit better than True Grit except for the way it ended. The new one might be closer to the book, but the ending is really kind of lame, where the old one has the old fat man (John Wayne–“Well, come and see an old fat man some time!”) jumping his horse over a six rail fence.

Much better way to end it, IMO. After all, he had more adventures to experience and he was riding toward his future.

BTW: If they get around to remaking Rooster Cogburn, I have G-Man’s permission to play Katharine Hepburn’s part. I could do a much better job! (LOL!!!)

Coen Brothers–give me a call when you’re ready to start. I’m there for you!