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"Father Christmas" is often synonymo...

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I have a suggestion–why don’t we move Christmas to January? Just think, we’d have an extra month to shop and decorate and spend money.

 We might actually get things done we’ve always wanted to do, such as knit beautiful stockings and quilt mind boggling tree skirts. Create a handmade ornament for each of our friends. Bake things our mamas used to bake like divinity and peanut brittle. (I don’t even know. Do you bake divinity?)  

We’d have time to make Christmas seem really Christmassy.

Yes, Virginia, I know Christmas is celebrating the birth of Christ, and you can’t just change a birthday willie-nillie, but couldn’t we call it Christmas-30?

Come on. If St. Nick is also Father Christmas, he must have some daughters. He should be used to some females running perpetually behind. This could only help.

If we change the date, I might actually get the top 1/5 of my trees decorated. And have something in my yard besides dead grass, leaves and one lonely wreath. (At least the lights work on it.)

We could send out Christmas-30 cards and sing Christmas-30 songs. We could tell the kids that Santa missed us on the way past, or better yet, tell them he was running late. (They might as well get used to “late” from the beginning.)

In Oklahoma, anyway, we’re much more likely to have snow in January than December, so it would work out better for Santa, too.

Whatdoyouthink? Anybody with me here?

Okay, yes. You guessed it. I’m late getting ready for Christmas again, as usual. Think my kids will accept IOUs in their stockings again this year? 8)