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Christmas Partying

Yesterday I went to my first Christmas party of the year. It was so much fun!

Romance Writers Ink partied at Kathlyn Smith’s house. Kathlyn

is one of those women who are perfect hostesses. We couldn’t ask for a better place to get together, celebrate and enjoy one another than her house.

On the way there, I picked up a couple of RWI-ers–Judy Pelfrey and Annie Rhyan. Judy is a great navigator and on my own, I tend to get lost, so I jump at the chance to pick her up each time she’ll let me. Annie, a relative newcomer to Oklahoma,  is interesting (not being an Okie, she has a little different view of things) and is a heck of a lot of fun to have around.

All the members didn’t make it (we have members from all around Oklahoma and the world) but several did. And everyone brought food! Really good food.

Our president, Jackie Kramer, brought crack. Shocking, I know, but believe me if you tasted it, you’d be willing to be hooked for life, too.


I’m not kidding, the day was a feast fest. We were well fed! All by herself, Jan did us good–homemade rolls, she baked a cake and spinach dip! Kathlyn’s Ooh, Aah Bird Eggs, Marilyn’s delicious soup, everything was fantastic. And we played Dirty Santa. So much fun.

All the Writing Sluts–bloggers from withint RWI–received sparkly silver slut shoes. In case you’re wondering, SLUT stands for Smart Literate and Undeniably Talented. We’re not just being naughty for naughty’s sake. 🙂

These are SLUTS.

BTW: Overheard yesterday–Naughty is the new nice. (Too often true.)

I really hate posed pictures, so I climbed onto the back of the chair and messed things up a little. 🙂

Here are a few more of the day’s pictures.

The picture above is our sweet Miss Peggy. (My shirt-tail relative!) She knows so much about writing and is always willing to teach and share! “Keep your skirt down and your purse closed!” LOL.

And this last picture is a little thing in our hostess’s house. Just one of the many things she has that I loved! I’m hoping I can get someone to build me one.How about you? Have you started your rounds of Christmas parties yet? How do you do when you’re taking pictures? Do you have any suggestions for me? I’d appreciate any help I can get.