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♪♫ Christmas Is Coming ♫♪

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That’ll old song will put a knot in your stomach if you’re at all like me and are a little slow getting things done.

Have you decorated for Christmas? If you haven’t, you and I are the last two in the world. Honestly, everyone I know has put up the trees and lighted the lights. Even outside–houses are already gleaming green, red, white or blue in the night. Beautiful! 

I haven’t even started. 😦

And that’s too bad, too. I really love the Christmas season. I love celebrating the birth of Christ, flinging the tinsel, lighting the candles. The beautiful colors and sparkling lights just do something to me.  

We store our decorations in the attic, and getting it all out is a p-a-i-n. I used to have kiddos around I could bribe. “If you help me decorate, Santa will love you the most!”  “If you help me, Santa might let you ride on Rudolph.” “If you don’t help me, Santa’s sleigh might explode.”

As they got older, I had to make it a little stronger. “No Christmas decorations, no Christmas!”

But since they’ve all slipped through my clutches and moved out on their own, I guess I’ll have to schlep the boxes down myself. The ones I can lift, that is.

I doubt if our out-of-doors will have many decorations, but we’ll see. I’d love to have a big Nativity Scene made for the yard so we could share the Reason for the Season, but when the December is over, storage is just a pain.

So how are you decorating this year? Anything different and new?     


This is an ornament I won one year playing Dirty Santa at the RWI Christmas party. It came from Jackie Kramer, and I love it!