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Still playing make believe.

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Small Town Boys of Fall

Yes! This is a small town world! One of my favorite things about living in a small town is the people. From kids to youths to adults to the elderly, small towns have the best, the nicest, the funniest, and the boldest.

I love my small town world!

Take a minute and watch this great video. Love the song (Kenny Chesney) adore the small town world!

In case you’re wondering, this made me cry. Every time I watch it I cry. 🙂

Wondering if I actually know the kids? I do. Two of the guys with their backs to the camera in the very last shot, numbers 55 and 56, I’ve known since they were born. They belong to my church, and most Sundays can be found on the stage, making music. They’re fantastic football players and deserve to go to college on a scholarship! So if you know anyone . . . .

Another pair on the team, juniors who weren’t showcased on the video, are my own nephews. And, just to be very honest, I know more parents than I do players.

No surprise there.