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Voting Day

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Here in OK we’re voting for governor today. And one thing we know for sure, the winner will be a woman.

So . . . are you a regular voter? As a woman, you should be.

Cover of "Iron Jawed Angels"

Cover of Iron Jawed Angels


Have you ever seen Iron Jawed Angels, the HBO movie? Here’s a clip.

The real life heroines weren’t as outwardly beautiful as the actresses, but their inner beauty was unsurpassable.

If you think of it, 1920 was a time when the little woman was taken care of by her man. He often told her how to dress, talk, act and expected dinner on the table when he came home at night.

When the suffragists picketed the Whitehouse, President Wilson tried to get at least one of them declared insane because of her actions. Imagine being institutionalize for life for wanting your rights.

I can’t. But if I’d been a child when those women were, I’d have been in trouble all the time. I hated dresses. (You can’t have any fun in a dress.) I hated dolls. (Stupid, inanimate objects.)

Check this out. What a rich history we, as women, have.

Author: Susan Shay

For as long as I can remember, I've loved two things--reading and people--and that led me to become a writer. Many of my stories are set in Small Town Worlds. I'm a wife, mother, sibling and an aunt. I have a deep faith in God, and an exciting life in Christ. Maybe I shouldn't be (after all, he's God!) but I'm constantly amazed at the things He's up to. :)

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